Which Was a Bigger Failure for the League of Nations - Manchuria or Abysinnia?

Topics: Second Italo-Abyssinian War, Japan, China Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Michael Johnson

In 1931 the Japanese invaded and conquered Manchuria. It was a quick and decisive conquest. Japan claimed that the invasion was due to their need to situate their vast and ever growing situation and that it would supply them with good raw materials. The invasion was sparked by an explosion on a Japanese owned railway. The Japanese suspected the Chinese of being the perpetrators and invaded Manchuria.

Manchuria, empathised why the league was a failure because it highlighted the Leagues insignificance and lack of action. It showed the latter via their reaction to the Japanese invasion. It took the League and Lord Lytton a whole year to compile a report which in short told Japan to leave China. This shows how long it takes the league to act how and how little they accomplish this is an major failure for the League if they wish to be considered as a world governing force.

Mussolini invaded Abyssinia because he had a dream and a goal of making Italy and primarily himself great. The path of power he saw was to conquer countries. His invasion was triggered by an incident on the Wal Wal border in 1934, and Mussolini consequently brought his troops in 1935.

The League after dealing with Manchuria should have been equipped to deal with an invasion but yet again stumbled at the first hurdle. The League had yet again failed to stop one of its own members from following the sanctions imposed by the league. Also the country that was attacked was also a member of the league. This showed how the lack of a military force would show weakness in the League. A league owned military could have stopped this attack and prevented another crisis.

I think that Manchuria was the bigger of the two failures because it showed to Hitler and Mussolini how unproductive and weak the League really was. It highlighted that the sanctions the League imposed on its members could simply be overturned by leaving the league. Japan was another country which could be added to...
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