Which Was More Important in Developing the Cold War, the Berlin Crisis or the Korean War?

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Which was more important in developing the Cold War, the Berlin Crisis or the Korean War?

The Berlin Blockade and airlift were important for the development of the Cold war because it was one of the first crises which happened during the Cold War. The Berlin Blockade changed many people’s lives in West Berlin as the Soviets had blocked food supplies, energy supplies and gas to West Berlin by closing all roads and railways. This lead to the USA and Britain having to supply West Berlin by sending airplanes filled with supplies to West Berlin. In order for West Berlin to survive, they needed 4000 tonnes of food a day which meant that aeroplanes filled with supplies landed every 30 seconds. This was called the Berlin airlift. As a result of this, 79 American and British pilots lost their lives. In May 1949 Stalin called off the Berlin Blockade as the Soviets realised that the people of West Berlin were managing fine with the help of the USA and the UK.

The Korean War was important for the development for the Cold War because it was the first hot war during the Cold War. The Korean War was about North Korea and South Korea fighting against each other. The USA was on South Korea's side and the USSR was on North Korea's side. The USA helped South Korea because they were a Capitalist state and The USSR helped North Korea as North Korea was Communist. As the USA supported South Korea and the USSR supported North Korea this shows me that there was more completion between the two countries to see who would come out on top.

Although The Korean War was also very important as it was the first hot war in the Cold War and it involved the US troops and USSR troops fighting together, on balance I think that the Berlin Crisis played a bigger role in developing the Cold War because it had the potential to start a hot war as Stalin could have attacked the planes coming in from West Germany. This could also have sparked a hot war at any time as the Western Allies could have...
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