Which Techniques Are Most Useful When Learning a Foreign Language

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Which techniques are most useful when learning a foreign language?

Although learning a foreign language takes commitment and time, there are a number of different approaches to improve the efficiency of studying which does work well.

The effect of learning can be really elevated by using Mnemonics to link word when remembering foreign vocabulary. This method utilizes repetition and memorization methods for learning a new language. The leaner can use pronunciation to link a word in his or her native tongue with a word in a foreign language. For instance the word ‘glove’ sounds like the thing with love in Chinese, and a Chinese speaker would possible link the meaning of the word to glove. Since a glove which is a gift from a girlfriend can be regarded as things with love. A related method is the Town Language Mnemonic. In this technique, learners relate vocabulary in the new language to places in a town the learner knows well. For example, the image coding the foreign word for book could be associated with a book on a shelf in the library. The word for bread could be associated with an image of a loaf in a baker's shop, and words for vegetables could be associated with parts of a display outside a greengrocer's. Perhaps there is a farm just outside the town that allows all the animal name associations to be made.

Learning with the right tools makes a positive contribution to foreign language studying in grammar, listening, and speaking areas, because the learner can easily benefit from having a good dictionary, audio CDs, grammar books and flashcards. The more time spent on learning the basics of grammar, words and phrasing in dictionary, the easier conversation will become. If learners have audio CDs, they can listen while driving to work or using headphones in situations such as riding public transportation which helps learners utilize as much spare time as they can. Furthermore, Writing down what are learned, is an...
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