Which Society and Culture Have the Greatest Impact as the World Past and Today, Chinese or Western?

Topics: European Union, China, Han Chinese Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Which society and culture have the greatest impact as the world past and today, Chinese or Western?"  
During the 2000 years of the past. China has achieved the world's highest level in form of technology and income. However look back to the past two centuries, china has become weak when compared with certain other countries. The Chinese nation has made many brilliant contributions to world civilization. However, china was reduced to a colony and semi colony for a time. Consequently, China lagged behind the developed countries in economic development, technology, Science, education and culture. After over hundred years of difficult struggles, they finally achieved triumph over an opponent. In the early 1980s, the elites of Chinese were amazed by the Western cultural and technological achievements. The belief in the socialist system was turned into a belief in the Western System. During 1980s, China has creating an open door policy to carry out the construction of modernization and China's economy grew at the rate of 9 percent per year. China's policies of reform and liberalization and economic development have now reached a really important position in the world. It is also significant in the sense that china is shifting from a planned economy to a market economy. The Chinese System is clear. Socially, the communities and work units networks are connected. In the West, the independent and self-organized civil societies contend for resources through partisan politics. Politically, a unified and neutral governing group under the principle of meritocracy leads a Minben democracy, Minbenism means that the very reason for the existence of a government is to serve the harmony and welfare of the entire society, the Chinese government has adopted policies of a new orientation, such as abolishing agricultural tax and fees, pushing for a new Labor Law, reducing the regional gap of development with fiscal policies. In the population control programs, they carry out...
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