Which Selection Method Would You Recommend Using? Provide an Example and Explain Both the Benefits and Negatives Attributed with This Method.

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Which selection method would you recommend using? Provide an example and explain both the benefits and negatives attributed with this method.

It is very important to choose a right candidate when hiring. Human capital is number one priority in organization. Either a small company with 5 employees or big company with thousands of employee, selecting right candidate is crucial and necessary. Workers are the fundament of the organization. Many different selection methods are studied and tested. Today most common methods used are application, interview and reference and I think these three methods are classic selection method to use hiring right candidate. Application is first step, which provides basic information such as education, job experience and personal achievement of the candidate. However, application will not provide candidate’s personality, and sometimes applications can be falsified. Through an application only general questions can be asked. Under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 employers are not allowed to ask about disabilities.

However, in interview, after describing general role of job, interviewer may ask if applicant is mentally and physically capable of performing described job function. Interview is by far most helpful way of knowing candidate in detail. Interviewer can ask structured questions to match qualifying candidate with the hiring position. Not everyone can show his/hers best in an interview. Some people are not good with interview and it may not bring out their true potential. Reference helps to identify applicant’s education and employment history, personal capability, dependency and trustworthiness. However, applicants will only use their trusted references and recommendations. Therefore, it is possible not know the other side of the applicant.

Cascio, W. F. (2005). Managing Human Resources (7th ed.). : The McGraw-Hill Companies.
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