Which One Is Better ? Comparing the Two Most Popular Smart Phones in the World

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How the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Compares to the Apple’s i Phone 5

On Tuesday, March 14th, Samsung, the South Korean Leviathan, launched the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S-4 smart phone. Samsung has been locked in a very bitter and fierce battle with Apple, Inc. The two companies are at the top of the universal pyramid of global telecommunication companies, who are all jockeying for position in the burgeoning $ 219 billion market for smart phones and computer tablets. After months of anticipation, Samsung has finally unveiled their brand new flagship. The successful exploitation of the 2013 Galaxy S-4 will be emphasized impending arrival later on tonight and how does it stack up against the Apple’s i Phone 5 when it comes to: how it’s marketed, the key specs and features as well as a new breed of culture zombies. Apple’s Marketing P-2 When it comes to marketing and management styles Apple Inc. is one of the greatest pragmatic marketers of all times. The late Steve Jobs was Apple’ master mind behind their marketing evolution strategies He was American entrepreneur and inventor, who sphere headed Apple by transforming, “ one industry after another, from computers and smart phones, to music and movies “ He developed 7 key steps for success ! “ 1. Ignore your Critics

2. Turn the Ordinary into Something Beautiful
3. Build a Tribe for Product Demand
4. Justify Your Prices
5. Extend the Experience
6. Communicate in the Language of Your Cache’ Audience 7. Become the Universal Household Name

Apple Inc. has out sold the Samsung Electronic’s giant because Apple operates nearly 400 retail stores which employes over 42,000 people and plays host to more than a million visitors every day. Apple’s retail operations generated nearly $19 billion in 2012. Amazingly, Apple’s stores average over $6,000 per square foot which is more than twice the former gold-standard Tiffany & Company. It is estimated that Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in N. Y. generates over $35,000 per square foot making it the highest grossing retailer in New York - ever. This type of marking strategy is bigger than the late Legendary Steve Jobs and has now become Apples Inc. emphatic order for marketing success, in light of Apple Stores are now the highest performing stores in retail history. Apple Marketing Strategy first, has always been pricing, pricing, pricing, well their customers feel they do not a problem with expensive prices, second because Apple’s products are good in quality and technology third, that the price will not matter when it comes to the tailored, reliable cohesiveness. Their products like : Ipod, Ipod shuffle, Ipod nano, and the most popular products are Iphone, Ipad, and the Mac book. These Apple’s products let the customer feel it very convenience when they are using them. Promotion Apple give some stuff away when you buy their products, such as iphone casing or free to installing some application. They also offer free wifi to their customer too. Places like where branches located in everywhere a customer can easily to get the information about their product and services. Customers also can buy or choose stuff for their iphones or ipad very easily.

Samsung Marketing
Samsung Electronics the South Korean giant is locked in what most electronic consumers revere as a fierce battle between Apple Inc. for marketing supremacy of smart phones, tablets, and computers. Frist of all Samsung, immediately took the matters into their hands by launching a scheduled opening of the Samsung Galaxy S-4 smart phone at the oversized stage of Radio City Hall, New York where their main event will host the spill over crowd in New york city’s Times Square. Samsung sent their flash-mob-style dancers into an impromptu preview. Some analysts...
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