Which of Richard Iii, Henry Vii and Henry Viii Was the Most Effective Monarch? (24 Marks)

Topics: Henry VII of England, Henry VIII of England, Battle of Bosworth Field Pages: 3 (1220 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Richard III, Henry VII and Henry VIII were all effective Kings for different reasons, although they were all effective some were much more effective than others. An effective king is a king that runs the country well. That keeps peace within himself, nobles, knights and peasants. Other factors of being an effective king are to keep a good foreign policy throughout Europe and keeping power by good financial affairs. An example of where different Kings were effective in different ways is where some kings kept better foreign policy than others but some kept better relationships with their nobles and peasants.

Richard III can be thought of effective, although he may not be the most effective monarch out of the three he did have certain points in his reign where he was in fact quite an influential king. For example from the start of his reign he tried to create very good relations with his nobles, as he could not rely on his leading gentry. By attempting to do this he gave existing holders of land even more land for example Viscount Lovell. Another example of where Richard was effective in trying to keep good relations with his nobles and peasants was his well-known progress around the country getting to know his people. This can be seen as effective as not many other kings made this kind of effort on their Nobles.

However the fact that Richard tried so hard to keep good relations on his nobles backfired, as he did not think about his financial affairs. Giving existing landowners even more land was a big loss in wealth, and throughout Richards reign he lost more and more wealth. Eventually Richard relied on forced loans after his tax rise was seen as unpopular. Richards relations with nobles seemed to deteriorate through his reign, such as when he gave his nephew John De La Pole control of the north which left the Earls of Northumberland and Westmoreland no reason to back him in the Battle of Bosworth. So eventually Richards’s only evidence of effective Monarchy...
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