Which Leader Would You Rather Have: One That Is Morally Strong or Morally Weak?

Topics: Martin Van Buren, World War II, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: October 24, 2009
Which leader would you rather have: One that is Morally Strong or Morally Weak?

When asked the question, which leader would you want to have…one that is morally strong or morally weak, it makes you wonder what would be the best for the country. Someone that is morally weak doesn’t care about other people, just the best thing for him or her and in some instances that could be the best thing. They know what they want and they will never stop until they get it. Yet, sometimes the person can case havoc and destruction as Hitler did in World War 2. No one had respect for him and the country was falling apart. There wasn’t any unity between the people, which is what has to happen to make a country prosperous and successful. Some people mistake “determination” for just being selfish. That is why I chose a leader who is “morally strong.”

Martin Van Buren who was the eighth president of the United States was a humble person. He was of Dutch descent and was born the son of a tavern keeper and a farmer in New York. As he grew up he became very interested in law and knew that he wanted to be involved with it somehow as he grew older. He became a trusted advisor for Andrew Jackson. Jackson referred to him as, "a true man with no guile." Jackson’s bad choices made America fall into a depression in 1837.

Jackson decided to get rid of the Second Bank of the United States, and that’s what made the once prosperous country, fall. Van Buren worked harder than ever to try and pick up America and bring her back to how she used to be. He once said, “panic was due to recklessness in business and over expansion of credit.” He devoted himself to the solvency of the national government. He worked so hard to get things back to the way they were and never stopped. He also opposed the expansion of slavery and blocked the annexation of Texas because he knew that it would only lead to a way with Mexico. Van Buren knew what he was doing and only wanted the best for his country even if...
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