Which Kind of Apple Fan Are You?

Topics: Apple Inc., Apple Store, IPhone Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Which kind of Apple fan are you?
Apple products are very successful and popular in the market and Apple has developed a group of loyal and obsessive Apple fans. They purchase many kinds of Apple products. They rush to the Apple store when Apple launches a new product. However, are consumers’ obsessions with Apple good or a bad? It really depends on consumers’ attitudes towards Apple products. There are different groups of Apple fans. Some people like Apple products more for their utility, cool design and gorgeous functions. Their obsession just reflects their standards and values. There is also a group of people who buy the products don’t really understand them. They use Apple products to be cool or show off because Apple is popular and Apple products can be symbols of wealth and social status. For these consumers, it’s better for them to rethink Apple products’ relevance to them and adjust their consumption behaviors. There is a group of people who buy Apple products mainly for showing off. Owning Apple products seems cool by other people and Apple products are more expensive than similar products. This gives people a reason for showing off. Apple products also have its social value. For example, “ iPhone or iPad has become the essential accessory of a certain kind of bourgeois bohemian” (Harkin, James, The iPad is a badge, not a product). Hence, some users also use Apple to show their social status. These kinds of users have to reconsider whether they should be obsessive with Apple products and whether they should spend so much on Apple products, which are not cheap. The behavior of showing off social status or wealth by using Apple products needs to be criticized. This indicates that a person want to use a materialistic way to earn other people’s respect and praises rather than use their own unique and charming internal characteristics. This is a biased value and standard which shows a person’s materialism. These people may think that owning an expensive...
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