Which Is the Right Choice for Affordable Care Act?

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Which is the right choice for Affordable Care Act?
America’s healthcare industry shows us one of the most revealing contradictions in the country’s economy. Even though America claims itself to be the world’s most advanced superpower, it is still unable to provide its entire population with healthcare. “Obamacare” is affordable for everyone based in their incomes, but there are still too many people without health insurance. The problem is that Democrats and Republicans do not compromise with each other to build on a good health care program, so that additional steps can be taken to moderate it. They do not want to accept the others’ ideas. When Obama came out with the Affordable Care Act program Republicans were not trying to work with him. For example, in the “Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed?” passage Ron Pollack (Founding Executive Director, Families USA) writes the ACA positives, on the other side Thomas Miller (co-author “Why Obama Care is Wrong for America”) does not reply to the same issue. In the passage the main idea is the question “Should the ACA be repealed or not?” Pollack’s main point is that ACA should not be repealed. He supports his point by three strong ideas. First, “Obamacare” treats people fairly. It does not discriminate people because of their gender, pre-existing condition and income. Second, it is affordable for everyone. For example, women do not charge for mammograms and contraception, seniors do not fall into the huge prescription drug coverage gap in Medicare and young adults can stay in their parents’ policies. Third, ACA gives the American people the peace of mind that health care will always be there when they need it. For example, if people want to change jobs, their marital status or their business, ACA will always be affordable. Pollack is really precise, understandable and clear. His supporting ideas prove the point that ACA should not be repealed, which help the audience to understand ACA’s importance. I think...
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