Which Is Overuled; Sport or Academics

Topics: High school, College, Professional sports Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: May 14, 2013

Dear Mr Palmer,
In my opinion, sports are in the way. Yes, children’s obesity rates are increasing in England but this isn’t an excuse to ruin their future career. Therefore, I am writing to you in order to hopefully persuade you to take into more consideration about where the bursaries are being allocated. The fact that most athletes spend more time participating in sporting activities rather than focusing on their education may ultimately have a negative impact on their career. If the children and teens want to take up any sport; they can do it in their free time. There are many after-school clubs that they can happily join which includes a great range of equipment. Although most student athletes never become professionals, they spend excessive amounts of time playing sports neglecting their education. According to Mary Tedrow, a high school English teacher ‘Most high school athletes never make it to professional sports, yet year after year high schools around the country spend a disproportional amount of money on varsity sports while neglecting academics.’ I also take into consideration what my fellow class mates think and also brief comments I hear my teachers say. I commemorate a time when Eva Dennison said ‘if I wanted to do sport all the time, I would have gone to a sport school instead.’ I completely agree with this statement because there are many schools with excessive sport lessons and academic lessons. At Rossall, I know that it is hard for boarders to be able to take part in clubs outside of school so the gym and swimming pool are acceptable and are a great idea but for more money to be spent on sports than academics is ridiculous. You can do sports after graduating or qualifying because then you have more free time. Would you rather focus on your future or you weight and fitness? I think two P.E lessons; at the maximum, is suitable and should be stopped at the end of year 9 because year 10 is the start of a child’s GCSE and...
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