Which Form of Learning (Classical Conditioning, Instrumental Conditioning, Observation Learning, or Cognitive Learning) Best Explain the Following Consumption Behaviors. Explain Your Choices : (a) Buying

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Which form of learning (classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, observation learning, or cognitive learning) best explain the following consumption behaviors. Explain your choices : (a) Buying a six-pack of Gatorade Classical Learning According to Pavlion theory, conditioned learning result when a stimulates paired with another stimulus that elicits a kwon response serves to produce the same response by itself. The situation builds up through repeated exposure. (b) Preferring to purchase jeans at a Diesel Store Cognitive learning. Theories believe that learning occur through trialand-error process with habit formed as a result of rewards received for certain responses or behaviors. (c) Buying a digital camera for the first time It can be under observation learning A process by which individual observe the behavior of others, remember it, and imitate it. Also known as modeling. People tends to prefer to a particular product through the observation result (behavior of others) that they get from their close friends ,relatives and ads and etc


Buying a new car It can be instrumental learning. Learning occurs through trial-and-error process with habit formed as a result of rewards received for certain responses or behavior. This can be shown when the buyer or consumer will test drive the car and satisfied with the result.


Switching from one cell phone service to another Cognitive learning. The theory of learning based on mental information processing, often in respond to problem solving. People tend to switch the cell phone service to another regardless to the information processing ( the rate of the bill charge /minute, the coverage signal of the phone service which can be consider under respond to problem solving.

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