Whether to Vote a Citizens First Choice

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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According to George C. Edwards in his article “Whether to Vote: A Citizen’s First Choice,” he explains the decisions that one face when voting, how it’s different in other countries, and asks if we should start voting by email. He first starts off with a little bit of history behind voting and how both male and female citizens began to have the right to vote. Also how restrictions have been put on anybody without citizenship or are convicted for a crime. Decision making has also became a major problem when voting, not knowing how your vote can change the campaign. Sometimes you are set to think that maybe if you choose one the other would win and their presidential run would ruin the U.S. and lead us into a whole mess of problems. Now with the introduction of the World Wide Web, postal mail is no longer being used and emails are now popular in society. As the author says in his article “ If people can register by computer, the next step is voting by e-mail” it got me interested because I feel now in days with everybody using some kind of electronic I feel that everybody about eighteen can vote. The only reason I say this because now in days every time you turn somewhere you always see someone with electronic for you to vote. Voting through a computer is way easier and less costly for the state and for yourself. The only reason I say that because, why make harder to yourself and to the state on voting.

The new issue now is should we start using our emails to vote, and would it actually grab the attention of the generation of today. I agree with the idea of using emails to vote for our new president since we now live in a high-tech age. I believe this idea to be good because it would actually work for people who are always on their computers, or for those who wouldn’t want to make a trip to enter their votes. Since we are drawing near to the advancement of technology we could try to think of a way to vote for a president using any device from the comfort of...
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