Whether Boys and Girls Should Be Educated Separately

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Whether boys and girls should be educated separately?

Introduction: What is the situation at the moment in your school/country? Is this a satisfactory situation? Development: 1. Give your opinion and list the reasons for it. 2. Mention the other side of the argument briefly and say why you disagree. Conclusion: Summarize your arguments and restate your opinion clearly.

I am a student of lyceum. Students are not separated into boys and girls at my lyceum. In fact, there is almost no any school, lyceum or college which isolates students into male and female. Schools are the same. But there are some colleges that a great number of students consist of whether boys or girls. For example, medical, technical, agricultural or machinery colleges. In general, it is a satisfactory situation that boys and girls are not separated into groups.

One reason why students should not be separated into boys and girls is, because they ought to know how to communicate with each other. They should learn respect and support themselves which will be necessary for the further life of the young people. Especially, this communicability will help them when they are married. Moreover, students will keep discipline when there are some girls in a class. They try to be gentlemen. It is very good, of course. Furthermore, if pupils are separated, lessons cannot seem as interesting as they are. Because those students can be bothered from the same atmosphere and classmates. As a coin has two sides, being separated have some advantages, too. Some students are very sensitive. They may hesitate to answer the lesson since there are girls or boys, especially, if they are fallen in love. As a result, they cannot concentrate on the classes. In this way, being separated can be profitable for studies. Nevertheless, everything has its place. It is natural that young people might fall in love. It doesn’t do so much...
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