Where I Will Be in Ten Years

Topics: Howard Benson, Marriage Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Dayonna Mae Walden
May 30,2012
Have you ever wondered what your future with holds or where you might be within the next 3, 4, 10 years. Almost everyone has at least fantasized once about their dreams or where they would like to be. Now if you were to ask me to where I would think I would in ten years. I would have to give you two answers which are my dreams and reality. Everyone has a somewhere they would like to be in ten years and somewhere they most likely will be. Let’s start with my dreams of where I would like to be in ten years. In ten years I would love to be married with my boyfriend Romelo or at least engaged. I want to be moved into a nice little house somewhere in Summerlin. I want to be starting my family with at least a kid on the way. I don’t want to be old when I have my kids. I want to be looking for some space for rent to start my pastry shop I want it to be called Sweet Tooth. I would love for my life to be perfect and happen like this 10 years from now. Now let’s get to the reality where will I mostly likely be in 10 years no more being oblivious to the fact of where I will be. Ten years from now I mostly like will still be in school trying to get my degree in business. I will probably be married to my boyfriend but that’s very likely. I will most likely still be working at a nice clothing store. I will be moved out of my parent’s house living on my own. Yeah, reality does suck. Imagining where you would like to be your future is kind of hard. What sucks more is that you will never know if you’re even close. All you can do is dream about what it would be like from now. In life everyone’s future is different but there is one thing that we wall share which is we will all die someday.
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