Where I Grew Up

Topics: Chicken, English-language films, Horse Pages: 1 (489 words) Published: April 8, 2013
It was not easy have to adapt to a different atmosphere from where I grew up. I unfortunately had no other choice to but to follow where my parents went. Moving to a housing track with only two inches between each house is a big difference from a huge house in the “country”. Not only is it a big change in atmosphere but I had to leave all my friends behind. I still to this day miss living where I grew up.

Imagine a huge U shaped house built out of nice red brick and wood, sitting right o top of six bright green acres. In the back of the house we had a big deck next to a huge built in pool with an extra bouncy diving board. That’s where I spent most of my time trying to swim all the way to the bottom of our 15 foot deep pool. For many summers and birthdays we had pool parties. If we were not swimming we were out in our pasture riding horses. Our pasture was about two or three acres next to the house. We had 3 horses named Star, Chloe, and Cloud. My favorite was Star; he was all black with a white shaped star on his forehead. I was able to just jump on with no saddle or horse reins and ride him anywhere I wanted. I would just simply pull his mane right or left to make him turn. Not only did I love riding my horse but I had a huge Polaris quad. Riding the quad was some of the best times in my life as a child. I would hit huge bumps in our pasture and go flying in the air. But whenever my brother tried to do that with me on the back I would start screaming like a baby. I also use to chase our chickens around the pasture until one day a chicken couldn’t run anymore and I ran over it. I felt so bad! I didn’t kill it but a couple days later it died so I never chased a chicken after that. That wasn't the only time I killed a chicken. One time I was throwing eggs the chickens had and I threw on and there was a little baby chicken in it. I freaked out and buried it in the ground and put a little stick cross on top. We had many animals’ dogs, cats, chickens, fish, horses,...
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