Where Will I Be in Five Years

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  • Published : November 5, 2010
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In five years, a person can have an epiphany in their life and completely change it around. In five years, a person can accomplish many things if they set their mind and heart towards it. In five years, a person can fill their heads with dreams and hopes for the upcoming future. In five years, a person can achieve an education that not only further enriches their knowledge but expand the opportunities for their career development. Many people question themselves where they would be in their point of life in five years. And within those 1460 days, 35,040 hours, and 2,102,400 minutes, a person will experience various situations that will impact them for a life time. And in five years that is exactly what will happen to me. In five years, I would have graduated from college with honors and obtained my associates in Baking and Pastry and Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, unless I somehow win the lottery and maybe attend the Culinary Institute of America. Education has always been a top priority of mine and I know that it will only expand my knowledge and experiences. I hope within the five years, I would have found another job besides working currently at Starbucks. I hope that this job would not only pay for bills but enhance my skills in my field so that one day I can accomplish my dreams. My dreams includes, meeting wonderful people that I will always treasure and look up to, getting married, having children and be a good mother, becoming a successful wedding cake decorator and owning my own store; becoming the world’s Wu 2

youngest Master Pastry Chef and one day break the current world record of the world’s largest wedding cake. In five years, I can see myself working hard and I would still be at the start of my career. I will be putting countless of hours of dedication and passion into all of my work. I hope I can gain experience from someone that is passionate, respectable, professional, talented and considerate. While working with others, I will...
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