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  • Published: February 15, 2014
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Explain how inclusive practise promotes equality and supports diversity. Inclusive practise is the inclusion of all individuals within the class regardless of their ability level. To promote inclusion is to help children to have positive attitudes towards differences and so reduce the likelihood that they will develop prejudiced views. We can achieve this by: -Extending children’s knowledge and understanding both of people who are like themselves and of people who are different from themselves, -Helping children see differences in a positive way – as interesting and enriching to all our lives – and develop positive and respectful towards: -people from ethic, cultural and social groups different from their own, -people who live in families different from their own

-disabled people, different from themselves.
-people who look or sound
So, inclusive practise will mean ensuring that learners from all backgrounds can access learning ( all are included) – so this takes into consideration aspects of diversity including socio-economic background, race, religion, gender, linguistic background (do they have English as an Additional Language (EAL), for example). How do teachers ensure all can access learning? For example, if there is an EAL child present, the teacher will grade her language. For different ability levels, the teacher will differentiate activities so all children are sufficiently challenged. In terms of race, class projects go beyond white British topics – the class may study black history or Asian art, dependent on who is in the class. All of this allows children to feel equal within the classroom – no child is better than any other. The teacher will value all contributions regardless of religion, ability etc so no child feels out of place. In terms of diversity, if the teacher is inclusive and values diversity in the ways mentioned above, this promotes an appreciation of diversity in others. Children appreciate that people are different...
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