Where to Build a Wind Farm? – Geography Assessment

Topics: Wind power, Wind farm, Floating wind turbine Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: October 23, 2012
In my opinion, the best place to build a wind farm in Cumbria is off the shore of Allonby. This is because; it has a lot of advantages which suit it, for being the best place to build a wind farm; as of its location and ingenious ideology behind it. Moreover, it is an offshore wind farm, which means that it will benefit a lot of homes, as at the sea it is extremely windy. Thus, a lot of electricity is generated, providing a lot of electricity than usual. However, some people would say that, because it is near a town, it’ll be very noisy and distracting to tourists and residents, and will even be an ‘eyesore.’ On the contrary, the wind farm will be 3 metres away from the land, so there is the least possibility of noise pollution and intervention. Furthermore, some people think that wind farms are quite attractive to look at and would be inquisitive about them when going on holiday. This would bring more tourists to Allonby and make it more popular; are helps the economy by bringing more jobs to Allonby such as information centre employees. This would educate the future generations to elaborate more of wind energy and alternative sources, to help the world’s situation. Also, being it the sea, there is a lot of space to build a wind farm, as there are no other possible variables that could affect it; and the decision to build a wind farm would be eliminated. However, there is the issue of it being in the sea so there is the problem of accessing the wind farm in the first place, if any problems arise with it. If something occurred and there was no way of fixing it as it is in the sea, then the homes and appliances relying on this wind energy, would be without power; and would be very disappointed – a major problem. Notwithstanding, this issue can be sorted out, as it is accessible by either a boat or a helicopter – to try and sort the problem out. However, it won’t be perfect, and sometimes issues may arise, so the government needs to think of other ways of access....
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