Where the Red Fern Grows

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  • Published : August 21, 2010
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Billy Coleman- He is a 10 year old farm boy and is the protagonist in the story. He really wants coon dogs and would do anything to get them. Not only that but he is a very brave and determined person. For example how he helped the family to get money in the time of need. He is a dynamic character because in the beginning he didn’t really know how it felt to own and take care of people he loved, but towards the end he became responsible and very strong. Taking care not only his family but his dogs and would do anything for them. Including the bond of him and his to loving dogs.

Old Dan- He is one of Billy loving redbone dog. This dog is very strong and will never give up on hunting a coon. When he gets them on a trail he will not give up, even though sometimes he gets very impatient and loses the trail. Overall he is a brave, strong, determined dog. He is a static character since he never changed and was always those great personalities.(protagonist)

Little Ann- This is another of Billy red bone dog who is a girl, although she is smaller and weaker then Old Dan. She was very important; she was very smart and almost no coon can trick her. And like her buddy Old Dan, when she was on a trail she will never give up until she gets the coon.(protagonist)

Billy’s grandfather- He is the one who owns a general store and was the one who helped Billy get the dogs. As well as helping Billy with a lot of things involving coon hunting like how he entered Billy in a contest and got him involved in a lot of adventures.

Billy’s dad- He is a very hard worker farmer and is really proud of his son and how he is helping making money for the family. When he does this he starts treating Billy like a man.

Billy’s mother- She is a very religious person and is always open to answer any questions about god from Billy. She is also very proud of her son Billy, but most importantly she still wants the family to move to the city so the children can get an...
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