Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows tells about a man named Billy Colman, whose mind drifted away back on his boyhood memories when he got his dogs. The young Billy was a boy who wanted two coon hunting dogs of his own more than anything in the world. He worked very hard by selling wares and saved money to pursue his dreams. After two years, he finally had enough money for two dogs. Billy made a difficult journey to get his dogs. He loved his dogs very much and spent almost a whole time to train his dogs. Eventhough there were many problems came to him and his dogs, they could passed them. This strong bonds between them finally reached the climax when Billy joined the coon hunting championship and won it. In this essay, I would tell you about the compares and contrasts between the book and the movie.

Both the movie and book have similarities. First, both show Billy’s persistence to own two hound dogs. It can be proved when Billy was willing to work day and night in order to collect enough money to pursue his dream. Second, both the book and the movie have the same conflicts. The first conflict is when Billy had to decide whether to keep his words to his dogs or break his promise. But he finally kept his words and cut off the big tree. Another same conflict is when Billy had to make a bet with The Prtichards’ boys to tree the ghost coon and both ended up with the death of Rubin. The third similarities of the book and the movie is the plot. After own two hound dogs, Billy spent much time training his dogs to hunt coons. He would skin the coons and store it to Grandpa that helped his family’s economy. Another same event is when Billy finally joined championship coon hunt and won it. The last is when Old Dan was festered and caused a fatal effect. He finally died of a savage lion and Little Ann lost his spirit to live and finally she was also dead. Then, some red ferns grew on their tombs.

Not only the similarities, both the book...
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