Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where The Red Fern Grows

Chapter One
1. The narrator is an old man who is about 50 to 60 years old. He took care of the dog, which shows he is compassionate. He lives in Snake River Valley, Idaho.

2. The old dog makes the man remember the two dogs he had when he was a boy. The dogs probably won the two cups for him. It brings back memories.

Chapter Two
1. The narrator doesn’t want just any puppy, he wants two coon hounds. His parents can’t afford a coon hound because it is too much money.

2. The narrator lived in a beautiful valley in the Ozark Mountains. His mother was Cherokee, so she was able to get good farmland on Cherokee land. It was on a strip from the foothills of the mountain to the banks of the Illinois River, in northeastern Oklahoma. They lived in a log house.

Chapter Three
1. Billy finds the magazine where the fisherman had camped; one of the fishermen had left it behind. It changes his life by making him work hard to get the money that was needed to buy the coon dogs that were for sale in the magazine. The dogs were $25 each, and $50 dollars in all (for two).

2. Billy plans to save money for the pups by selling crawfish, minnows, and fresh vegetables to the fisherman. He plans to sell berries during berry season from his grandfather’s store. He would trap in the winter. It takes him two years to save up all the money.

Chapter 4
1. Billy didn’t tell his father because he thought his father might get mad. I think if Billy did tell him, his father would use Billy’s money to buy a new mule.

2. The people in town treated Billy like an outsider; they stared and laughed at him because he was different. They gawked at him and called him a hillbilly. Billy didn’t go to school and didn’t wear shoes. Plus, he lived on a farm, which is why they made fun of him.

Chapter 5
1. Billy fights “Freckle Face” and the others because Freckle Face pulled the ear of his little girl pup. Billy was offended. I think he was right to fight them, because he worked for two years to save the money to buy those pups.

2. The male puppy was bold and aggressive. He was much larger than the female pup. He was deeper red in color. His puppy muscles rippled under his velvety skin. His chest was broad and solid. The female pup was small and timid. Her legs and body were short. Her head was small and delicate. She was much smarter and cautious though.

Chapter 6
1. Billy named his dogs Little Ann and Old Dan. He named them this because he saw it carved in the white bark of the sycamore tree; where he found the magazine. The name Dan was bigger, wide, and bold. The name Ann was small, neat, and even. I would also choose these names because God meant for it to be there.

2. Mama wants her children to grow up with an education. She prays that some day, they might have enough money to live in a town.

Chapter 7
1. Billy’s grandfather suggests him to drop a piece of tin in a hole and drive two nails into the holes on a slant opposite to each other. It works because the raccoon is a very curious animal and won’t let go of the piece of tin. I can’t think of any other methods because raccoons are smart animals.

2. Papa decides that the boy pup will be a good coon hound after he sees that its nose was split open and bleeding. The boy pup is brave, since he went after the raccoon.

Chapter 8
1. The first trick that the raccoon pulled was leaping out on the drift, leaping on to the water, and then crossing the river. When the raccoon went into the water, the dogs weren’t able to smell it. This trick worked at first, but then the dogs found the raccoon again. The second trick was when the raccoon climbed a large water oak, standing about 10 feet from the river, and then disappearing. This trick worked.

2. Billy...
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