Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts

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The book I am reading is Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts. I have read to the part that Novalee has been living at Walmart for the past month, because her boyfriend dumped her there and she had no where else to go. The last chapter that I read was Chapter six, this chapter is about a birthday dinner that Forney the library guy had for her. This book is very interesting, I am enjoying a lot. It is so be superticious about the number seven, but still be lucky enough to live at a Walmart for so long and not get cought, not only that but she has met many different kind of folks around that town, many people that seem to be a sign to her life. I think after all that she has been trough so far I am thinking she may be luck after all. In the Story Novalee’s boyfriend is a jerk, he is not the ideal boyfriend anyone would want to have. It seems that she really was in love with Willy Jack, but he couriously had no interest for her, I am guessing he manipulated her just like he did with Jolene in New Mexico; and after Novelee got pregnant he got tired of her and decided to leave her there at walmart. After Willy Jack got arrested in New Mexico, I was happy. I really thought he was going to get away with him doing something like that twp this young girls.

When Forney first appear to the story he also sounded very rude and mean to Novalee but to my surprise ended up making Novalee a romantic dinner for her birthday. Forney sounds like a very sweet, romantic guy, something that Novalee needs more than anything right now. I predict that these characters are going to end up together making each other happy and she will probably move into the library house and raise a family together.

After everything Novalee has been through she considers herself very unlucky, but if I was in her shoes, I would look at it the bright side of her situation. I think maybe it was a good thing that Willy Jack left her I mean he was a jerk after all. She could remain her life with her baby...
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