Where Is the Individuality?

Topics: Suicide, Generation Y, Abuse Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Hanna Aguiar
Mrs. Conrad
English 2B
26 January 2013

Problems our Generation faces.
Every generation has problems. There are so many problems and situations our generation faces that has made us all shape into the individuals we are today. Many of the problems and situations such as judgment, depression & social media which is leading our generation and generations to come, down hill. One of the main problems our generation has been facing is the dealings of judgment. It is so rare now if you can find someone who doesn’t care about what other people think. In this generation there are so many ways girls are displayed as how they’re supposed to look, how they’re supposed to act, what they’re supposed to wear, they’re mainly pointed to look like Barbie. Guys are stereotyped as the “jerks” of the sexes. If you don’t have the right clothes, the right hair style, right hair color, the new brand of shoes, clothing, if your nails aren’t done, if you haven’t seen ever movie out, if you don’t have a nice brand of makeup, if your house isn’t big enough, if you don’t have a nice car, if you don’t have nice things or lots of money, you get judged on that too. Teens of this generation feel like you have to be in the loop or have all the cool things everyone else has just so you can fit in and be accepted into society. A big solution to this would be for people just to not care about what other people do, and for teens to not care what their peers think about them. It all has to do with confidence in themselves, which most teens that are letting judgment effect them, don’t have. On the subject about judgment, depression is the second biggest problem this generation is facing . There’s a new story everyday about someone self-harming or someone who has committed suicide. This has so much to do with the social media, bullying, bad relationships, family problems, etc. It brings teens to the point where they don’t know where they’re supposed to turn. Teens...
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