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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Unit 2
Lesson 5
16. a) 1,2,5 trimethylhexane
b) 3 ethyl 2,4,6,7 tetramethyloctane
c) 2,2 dimethylpentane
17. a)



18. C7H16 (l) + 11O2 (g) ---------> 7CO2 (g) + 8H2O
Heptane + oxygen carbon dioxide + water
* Takes 11 molecules of oxygen and 1 molecule of heptane to make 7 molecules of carbon dioxide and 8 molecules of water 19. a) A reason for this trend is that oil deposits were being found all around the world during the time period between 1910 and 2000, therefore, there was an increase in production of oil over those years. b) This trend isn’t sustainable because most of the readily accessible oil deposits in the world have already been discovered therefore, since oil isn’t unlimited nor renewable, oil will eventually run out. c) Instead of driving a car to work, we could ride a bike. If biking isn’t possible, we could take public transit. Still, if someone is unsatisfied with these options, we could try buying a hybrid or electrically run car. (If we had the money) 20.

21. a) 1-ethyl – 3-methylcyclopentane
b) 4,4-dimethyl-2-pentyne
c) trans-3-heptene
22. To determine whether an organic unlabelled liquid is saturated or unsaturated is by dropping a small amount of iodine tincture in the liquids. Should the iodine color dissolve, then a reaction has taken place meaning that the liquid is unsaturated. Should the iodine color remain, then there has been no reaction meaning the liquid is saturated. 23.

24. a) Oils spills are easier to clean than TCE because it floats in water and therefore is easier to locate and clean and it doesn’t get into our groundwater. TCE, on the other hand, sinks into our groundwater and therefore more difficult to separate and clean. b) TCE can cause damage to our central nervous system and in a larger exposure causes headaches, dizziness, and confusion and in continued exposure can cause unconsciousness and eventually death. Along with damage to the...
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