Where Is Daniel Dennett (the Road)

Topics: Mind Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: May 16, 2011
Where is Daniel Dennett?

Daniel Dennett was a special ops agent for the U.S. government who was placed in a very unique situation. In order to complete a secret government mission presumably during the cold war, he was required to have his brain removed. Dennett had to have his brain removed in order to extract a warhead buried a mile beneath Tulsa, Oklahoma. With his brain removed from his body, though still connected and in total control of his body through radio transmitters, he asked one simple question. Where am I? Though at first most people would say, Dennett is where he stands and his brain is now controlling him externally instead of internally. Sure this makes sense, but then the question arises, then which thing is really Daniel Dennett, the brain or the body? Dennett came up with three explanations. The first explanation, where Hamlet (his body) goes, there goes Dennett. While physically Dennett’s body would go place to place or wherever he directed. His brain, which was really giving each and every command to his body, would remain in its vat in the lab. This explanation obviously has one major flaw, if Dennett’s brain still controls every action of his body, how could he actually be considered to be where his body was? So naturally this would bring to light the second explanation. The second explanation, where Yorick (his brain) goes, there goes Dennett. This means Dennetts’ actual location would be wherever his brain was, not his body. Even though his body, that he still had total control of, could be on the other side of the earth, he would still be wherever his brain was. This explanation too has a major flaw. If Dennett’s real location is his brain, then what is his body? The fact that Dennett’s true location would be where his brain was, would in some sense mean that there are two Dennett’s. The first Dennett would be his brain which no one actually interacted with, yet it still controlled everything. Then there would be the body of...
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