Where in the Bible Can the Living Man Find Salvation?

Topics: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Subject: Where in the bible can the living man find salvation?

To me, man's greatest "stumbling block" to true salvation is simply most men do not understand "God's Biblical Ages of Stewardship". The Bible is divided, so we can find salvation. If we don't understand God's "Time Divisions" and to whom they apply, we cannot find out: "How to be Saved......Today!". Salvation is not just a word, it's a new life, it's becoming a "New Creature {New Man}" The previous man is done away, no more sinful lustful living; as true salvation is living in Christ's body..the church {An the church is not a physical building}...You could sit in a church building forever, but miss "True Salvation."

There are three (3) "Ages of Stewardship" or "Biblical Time Divisions" which were and are recorded to show the way to salvation; but, they apply to different groups of people and at different times after creation. God has applied more controls to men as men has rebelled against His Commands. God first used (1) direct communication: God communicated His will to mankind directly with: Adam & Eve, and then to Noah, then to the Patriarchal Age of Biblical Stewardship, with: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, & Joseph, (2) Next, He used the written Law: {The Ten commandments was first}, then Moses was instructed by God to write the "Law" {Known as the Law of Moses}, as a testament (Covenant); as he received it from God. {then instructions were given later through God's chosen Prophets} Moses was instructed to read/teach "The Law" to the Israelites. This is the writings of the Old Testament, which only applied to the Jews. Gentiles were not chosen to be God's people in God's Old Testament Stewardship. (3) The Age of Faith or "The Christian Dispensation" was established by Jesus Christ being nailed to the cross for the sins of the world. His death, burial, and resurrection sealed the New Testament Covenant as "God Law of Grace through Faith in His Son". Jesus overcame death and the grave by...
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