Where Have All the Booklovers Gone?

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here Have All the Booklovers Gone?
Where have All the Book Lovers gone?
By William B. Ongsitco
(www.thenewstoday.info, September 11, 2008)
In my conversations with parents in the school where I work, one of the favorite topics is fostering among the young people the love for reading. For some of them, this is a real concern. In a generation saturated by iPods, online games, and media blitz, it is not surprising to see book lovers getting lesser and lesser. But wait, does it really pay to be a young reading aficionado? Ah, there's no doubt about it. Ask any teacher who has taught for at least a year and he can assure you that book lovers have a cutting edge that helps them a great deal in accomplishing their academic demands. For educators, it is a fact that wide readers do much better in school compared with those who simply pick up their text books because there's going to be an exam the next day. | |

It's very interesting how some parents managed to raise kids who take great delight in reading. Here are some of their secrets. Read to your kids. Smart parents start reading to their children as soon as the latter can appreciate stories. And they read to them whenever there's an opportunity. They recite to their kids stories, kiddy poems, limericks and even the tiny words on candy wrappers. While riding in a jeepney or a bus, they unlock to their children the meanings of the words they see around the city-on stores, buildings, hotels, and many more. In this way, young children begin to see the wonders behind the words they encounter everyday. It is important however that when we read stories to children, we do it with theatrical enthusiasm and gestures. Children will love reading if they see that those who know how to read take delight in doing so. Allow yourself to be seen reading by your children. Kids thrive in examples. This is a principle that all parents have seen in their own...
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