Where Has Time Gone

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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January 6, 2013
English 11

“From Now, to Than”
Where has the time gone? It’s already the end of my junior year 17 years young and almost a senior! I can’t even believe it myself. I remember my first year being a freshman thinking that 2014 is a long time away! Now that’s 2013 and only a year away. High school goes so by so fast I can barley recall it. So they say high school is suppose to be the time of your life, it’s seriously the hardest and most stressful time. I can’t wait to be standing in my graduation gown and starting college!

As my freshman year self sat and thought what I wanted to be and what college I wanted to go I didn’t care as much referring that I didn’t know much, I didn’t know a lot of information about the schools and what that offered. All I was interested in was where it was located and how big it was. I knew that I wanted to be an English teacher and go to the party school! Chico University. I didn’t have much maturity back then all I was focused on was getting high, every second of the day. My grades were dropping with D’s and F’s not because I was stoned out of my mind 24/7 but because I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I was going to graduate high school or pass. With that attitude I did fail a couple classes I had to attend summer school when I could have just had my head on straight and finish what I needed at the time instead of wasting unescarry time. With that happened there’s nothing I can do about it then be wiser and actually pass. My freshman mind was all about where the party was. I didn’t look into full details or anything.

As my sophomore year went by I thought about not too much, still wanted to be an English teacher! Wasn’t so sure if I wanted to go to Chico, but I defiantly had my mind set on going to college. Nothing went by mind to much what I wanted to do I just wanted to sit there do what I needed to do to get the year through with.

This year my junior year, I got a change in my direction. Where...
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