Where Do I See Myself in Five Years

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Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Five years down the line I see myself in a position where my team members and juniors look up to me and aspire to become like me, in the ways I aspire to become like one of the biggest business leaders of the industry now. I wish to be able to command respect from my team and teach them the tricks of the trade in the same way as I expect to be guided by my seniors along my career path. With Improved proficiency and knowledge I would like to achieve bigger goals in the organization and will help my company in achieving greater heights. On the road to achieve the above goals I would sharpen my skills in the field of equity and finance to earn higher position and pay from the current situation. In the coming five years I see myself as an expert in writing research reports and financial modeling with continuous improvement and learning in the field of equity research. By taking advantage of the current opportunity and resources I would like to climb the corporate ladder. With the passion and commitment to my work I expect to fulfill the needs and demands of my position so that I can produce quality output keeping in mind the reputation and goodwill of the company where I will be working in. Besides my current qualifications, I would like to pursue other courses from time to time that would help me improve my working skills and keep me updated with the happenings in the industry. After working for a few years in the industry I expect to polish my analytical skills and be able to give research a new dimension and perspective. I am young and in the early stages of my career where I am willing to work on whatever I am asked to keeping my best foot forward without any apprehensions. Being young, there is fire in the belly to work harder and craving to learn. Commitment to work will be my motto wherever I will be. The thirst of learning will help me to gain knowledge of all the main sectors on which economy is depended. On my career...
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