Where Buddhism Meets Science

Topics: Quantum mechanics, Field, Photon Pages: 4 (1506 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Where Science and Buddhism Meet
Within the world that we live today exist many religions, beliefs, cults, or forms of spirituality, which move us in a certain way and influence the lives around us and how we interact. For century’s religion have been moving people and persuading people to do certain things, which have been believed to support the word of God and respect his decisions. But as time has evolved people have become less believing of certain things because of the rise of technology. Back hundreds and even thousands of years ago, people and the civilizations didn’t know any better and weren’t as informed with the world around them. Many people would just believe what they were told, and when hearing things that portrayed a holy life or that you would live in sin for eternity, people did not know better but to believe it. It was the way of life, and acceptance for many people. But in todays world we live in a place where many things can now be proven and shown in a mathematical way per say. New kinds of beliefs are growing within this world, and now that science can prove a lot of what people say, they are changing their beliefs and how they perceive the world around us. New religions and groups are being founded to satisfy a different group of people, because with so much information available, everyone can believe in different things. A great example would be the religion of Buddhism and where it originated. In 520 BCE it was founded as a religion of freedom and free thought. Not emphasizing hatred towards those who sinned or didn’t believe in their religion, but promoting the life of well being and happiness. Believing in positive energy that would take you into another realm of life if properly attained. But the main purpose of this religion was to make those happy and create peace throughout the world, because a true Buddhist wouldn’t even hurt a fly. The connection that it has with science is truly phenomenal. By learning about the four main...
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