Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Where are you Going, Where Have You Been?

1) “….had the rather too explicit title “Death and the Maiden”. This would be a reference to the Devil and Eve 2) “An innocent you girl is seduced…..”. The Devil seduced Eve into eating the apple. 3) “We don’t know the nature of her sacrifice, only that she is generous enough to make it”. For God so loved the World he sacrificed His only son. 4) The Title, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Judges – 33-19-17, “Wither goest thou? And whence comest thou”? 5) The characters name, “Arnold Friend”. If you remove the “R” from his first name it would spell “An Old Friend” referring to Judas after he betrayed Jesus. 6) If you use just the first initial of the first name it would be “A Friend”, which he pretends to be to all the school-age children; just as Judas pretended to be the friend of Jesus. 7) “An attraction there paralleling the attraction Connie feels for her seducer Arnold Friend”, like the numbers on Friends’ car, “33-19-17” – when added up equal 69, a sexual reference. 8) “and stumbled about so awkwardly while walking that some people thought he had wooden feet.” – Just like the hooves of Satan. 9) “He bragged to the girls he knew 100 ways to make love, that he ran dope, that he was a hell’s Angel.” – Judas actually became Hell’s Angel when he was outcast from Heaven. 10) When you add the numbers on his car together, 33+19+17 = 69, then if you and those two numbers together, 6 + 9 =15, you get 15, the age of Connie. 11) “The story ends abruptly at the point of her (Connie) crossing-over.” – In Judges 20-25-30, the girl was raped by many men then cut up into 12 pieces as a symbolism to the other cities that did not believe in God in hopes they would start believing so she herself could cross-over.
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