Where Are the Commas?

Topics: Addiction, Newsweek, Workaholic Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Where are the Commas?
Author Robert J. Samuelson, wrote an article named “Why don’t We Use Commas Anymore?” that was published on Newsweek on July 23, 2007 explaining on how commas are being missed used or not used at all. He uses many similes to show that commas need to be more used as often. The reason why Samuelson wrote this article was to persuade the audiences to take time to pause/ take a break and keep going. Before it leads to the number of examples that Samuelson's has provided us about not taking the time to pause. On the article, “Why don't We Use Commas Anymore?” Samuelson first explains by telling us that commas have became optional or, worse, have been ditched. In that case he means that Americans have been too busy to take time and pause, when reading something they are always in a rush to get things done. In Megan's case she tries to so so many things at once, that everything she does turns her mind into “mush” and at the end she do not get anything done as good. Samuelson say's that Americans are turning into workaholics, to busy working they do not take time to take a break for a while, and that leads to their addiction of alcoholism and smoking.

Samuelson begins by shows many examples on how commas are important, by pausing and taking time to slow down. Then Samuelson goes by showing that a 17-yr old girl named Megan's turns her mind into “mush” she does so many things at once that does not lead to a good outcome. Then Samuelson goes by telling us that Americans addictions to smoking and alcoholic. Samuelson illustrates the cause and effect, on how too much on your hands will be too much to handle. Commas are used to slow down think about what you just read and move on, Multitasking is too much to handle maybe if Megan puts somethings away maybe her mind wont turn into “mush”, and in the second story, “Economics on Workaholism” they should take time for vacations so they wont get addicted to things that are bad for their health. And...
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