When I Am Old

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  • Published : July 13, 2011
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When I am old and not my original self, Please be understanding and be patient with me. When I spill the soup on my own clothes, And forget how to tie my shoelaces, Please think about how I had taught you, step by step, to tie your shoelaces. When you are tired of the words, which I am repeating, Please listen patiently and don’t interrupt me. When you were young, I had to repeat the same story again and again until you fell asleep. When I need you to shower me, Please don’t blame me. Do you remember how I had to coax you to take your shower? When I am helpless with new technology and things, Please don’t make fun of me. Think about how I patiently answered every ‘Why’ you had. When both my legs are too tired to walk, Please stretch out your strong hand to support me. Just as I stretched out my hand to you, when you were learning to walk. When the topic of our conversation slip my mind, Please give me a little time to recall. Actually, whatever the topic of our conversation is of no importance. I will be contented, as long as you are listening to me by my side. When my time has come, please don’t be sad. Understand me, support me, Just as how I treated you, when you were starting to learn about living. I had guided you on your life journey back then, Now please stays with me until my journey ends. Shower me with your love and patience, I will smile with gratitude; The smile of unconditional love for you.
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