When Your Parents Divorce

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When Your Parents Divorce
Life can be pretty rough after your parents divorce. The hardest time is the first year or two after the divorce, the effects can be long-lasting. Sometimes the effects of a divorce can influence life changing decisions for the children involved. This is just the basics of what happened in my life. I won't be sharing everything because not all of it's my story to tell. I can safely say that it's no longer painful to talk about and I'm happy to share what I can.

I had just come home from the last day of school in my 9th grade. I checked the answering machine for new messages and I found what I had least expected - a message from my mother's divorce lawyer. Even though all the warning signs had been there, I was still surprised. Things were bad between my parents, and my mom had already threatened to divorce my dad several times that year. They started going out on dates again afterwards, though, and I thought they were past all that. Before things turned sour, I thought my family was completely normal. One of my friends had even said to me, “you have the perfect family.” It turns out, not so much.

My parents officially divorced that September, although we waited to move until two weeks later. It was an abrupt transition - one day I was living among the piles of boxes at my house, and the next I was sleeping on a mattress on the ground in a foreign house, going to a completely different bus stop in a different neighborhood. My 15th birthday was only a few of months after the divorce, and it was a nightmare. Both of my parents were there, along with most of the family on my mom's side. Everyone tried to pretend that everything was normal, but it wasn't. The tension was almost unbearable, my aunt said that from now on they should keep all event separate.

In that first year I ran into a lot of changes, both good and bad, that I had never encountered before. After the divorce and getting their feet back under them,...
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