When You Are Born

Topics: African American, White American, Southern United States Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: May 21, 2013
-When you are born, you might inherit some certain capacities to do things. For example some people might learn things faster than others et cetera. However, these don’t really determine a lot. Also, the few geniuses that are born yearly are exceptions because they are a result of lots of mutations; there are not many of these people though. This means that most of us can achieve what we want as long as we start early, are determined, practice regularly, work hard, enjoy what we are doing, ask questions, think, and don’t care what others think. -When a child is born, he learns from his environment (neural pathways are built at a young age; children are “sponges”). -When raising a child, expose him to a variety of things such as instruments (music), sports (athletics), science and math (academics) et cetera. You should also let kids be kids (let kids cultivate their own creativity). -You should teach your child everything you can. Teach your kids to be good people; that is, teach our kids to forget others, teach your kids to not care about what others think, teach your kids to work hard, teach your kids to enjoy life. -You should live life not caring about what others think and just do what you love (bike, play soccer, draw and watch anime, watch movies, learn about science and math, do science experiments, ask questions, think). You should also be nice and friendly to others and avoid letting anger get to you. -When the chips are down and you are angry and depressed, have hope and know that everything will be okay (also keep in mind that life, in general, is awesome). -teach your kids to be tolerant of other races and religions because all humans have different views on life. -Having a stable family is the most important thing in the world when raising children. -In life, think. Use reason because, underneath it all, we are who we are and do the things we do based on how we perceive the world. For this reason, ignore the media and learn to form opinions...
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