When Written Communication Is Used over Verbal Communication

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Cite two instances of when written communication would be more effective than oral communication. Give examples of each. Written communication works best when you would need to clarify information such as instructions, work policies, educational books, study guides, etc. Written communication helps explain ideas or concepts and can provide a visual of the message being delivered. Following are two examples of instances when written communication is the best choice over using oral communication in order to obtain excellent results in the workplace. In the first instance, I wish to refer to an employee handbook used by business organizations. There is always a need for an employee handbook which includes policies and procedures. Any time you have company policies and procedures, it would be best if it is provided through written communication. There is so much information contained in these handbooks that it would almost be impossible for employees to remember if all information was provided orally. Having this type of important written information provides documentation of work policies, code of ethics, procedures, expectations, job descriptions, and guidelines for an employee or employer to refer back to. There is so much detailed information employees (receivers) need a written reference resource. This also gives the employer (sender) strict control over information which needs to be delivered to the employee (receiver) and allows the business to be detailed in documenting expectations. Usually a company’s policies and procedures handbook provides information such as lunch breaks, vacation time, company benefits, policies, and other important company information. Providing a written company handbook allows the company a form of documentation proving the employee has been informed of company policies and rules. In the second instance, I will use as an example of several large nationwide fashion merchandising chain stores which provide clothing to the...
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