When We Two Parted

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  • Published : March 15, 2009
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“When we two parted”

Lord Byron had a “different” life to other people. He was normally getting involved in other husbands wives. This shows that Lord Byron does not care about other people’s life’s and relationships. This poem “When we two parted” could have been based on a personal experience of an affair that he had. The poem is written in a strict format like, “First love” which was written by John Clare. Each stanza has eight lines and there is an alternate - line rhyme scheme. This gives the poem a strong rhythm, but this is like a baby’s nursery rhyme and might mean that we miss the important and serious message in the poem. Lord Byron was born on the 22nd January 1788 and he died on the 19th April 1824, he was 36 when he died.

The poem starts off with “When we two parted”. This is a repetition of the title. This is to add emphasis. “In silence and tears”. This shows they had a lot of secrecy in their relationship, it means it was an emotional break up for the two lovers. They both had nothing more to say. He then says in the second line “Half broken - hearted”. That means he has the half broken heart and she does not care. The word “Sever” is like a shock and it is a strong violent, powerful word. They are never going to see each other again. He then goes on to say “Pale grew thy cheek and cold”. This means that she is no longer interested in him and she does not care for him any more. He is talking about the relationship dyeing. When he says “Cold”, that is like the opposite to have and the last two lines he feels a lot more pain than he did to now,.

The second stanza starts with “The dew of the morning”. This means it is cold and damp. He is miserable because he has possibly woken up on the morning after the split. The events are absorbed by him. When it says “Sunk chill on my brow”. It means that he might be depressed. The word “Chill” emphasises and unnatural coldness. It is like an illness to him and he is not well. On the third line it...
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