When We Give Our Children Everything They Want as Soon as They Want It, We Are Setting Them Up for Failure in Life. It

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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When we give our children everything they want as soon as they want it, we are setting them up for failure in life. This is proven to be true in America today. Kids seem to expect everything handed to them. I feel that if I had not given my kids everything they wanted they would have more responsibility. Kids these days have no morals, no respect, and really don’t care about anyone but themselves. They always want you to do for them. They never ask if you need anything or if you would like something. Kids these days don’t care to even get out and look for a job. Majority of the kids today quit school before they even reach high school. They have no ambition to even learn the basic grammar. I have seen where kid’s type on the computer and their grammar is very bad and it makes me sick to know that these kids one day will either be running out country or either in jail. I believe we should have kids these days try and live the way our parents raised us. I believe hard work and structure builds our minds and ambition to live a life with dreams. We should guide our children in the right direction and not just what they want. Give them goals and strength to be better than the average kid. We all want our kids to be happy and have what we didn’t have but kids these days do take everything for granite. They want us to give and give and give. Should we give our kids everything they want? I believe that they only need the basic material, and if they prove that they can strive forward then treat them with what they want. We need to think about how we were raised and know that we have what we have, because we set our goals and went for it. It wasn’t just handed to us. We all have had to make life what it is. Not what could be given to us by our parents? So, think about what we are doing when we give our children everything they want as soon as they want it.
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