When Lilacs Las in the Dooryard Bloom'D

Topics: Standardized test, Test, High-stakes testing Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Brittney Mathis
Ms. Rivera
English 1002-60511
20 February 2013
The ACT Should not be the key to Higher Education
Should the ACT Test be the key to higher education? From my understanding The ACT Test is based on whether or not you will be accepted into college. The ACT test has affected many people lives, when they are not able to reach the requirements that are needed to pursue on with their education.

The ACT test means, “American College Testing.” The ACT test should not be the key because there are many smart, intelligent students whose self-esteem level is brought down due to this particular test. The ACT has ruined many people lives when the scores are returned. Most high school seniors dread nothing more than the standardized tests their college admissions applications will be judged by, this is a topic to be argued because everyone is not fit for standardized testing. There should not be a test to insult your intelligence. There is an act that says, “No Child Left Behind.” When these words are viewed this immediately tells me something should be done about the situation. Everyone has talent and a standardized test should not be the judge to whether a person is academically smart enough to be accepted into college. It is understandable the state and government help out with funds, but just because a certain score is not reached on a standardized test should not stop anyone from being able to prolong their education. Many individuals who are able to meet the requirements of this test do not look at the struggle many other students in their society are facing. But, fortunately for those who aren’t good test takers, college admissions counselors will also take into consideration your grades, admission’s essay, and overall application. Some may also favor candidates that travel to their campus for a face-to-face interview. This problem to me can be solved in many ways. It can be solved by enabling seniors in high school move forward with their...
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