When Life Imitates Video Response

Topics: Nonviolent video game, Game, Play Pages: 2 (868 words) Published: March 6, 2013
“When Life Imitates Video” Response: Violent video games are a huge part of the life of many children, perhaps even too large of a part. Moreover, I would not say games turn kids into insane killers and cause them to do ungodly wrong things in society. ! In the article “When Life Imitates Video” by Jon Leo, Leo questions whether or not violent video games played by children can affect their behavior and how they live their lives. For the most part, there is no exact connection between murderers and murderous video games when you approach this argument. Leo admits that it is the parent’s responsibility to prevent children from playing violent games, even though a lot of people like to blame the entertainment industry. Leo believes hurting and maiming others is the central fun activity in video games played so addictively by the young. In our society young ones are entertained by making people die in games. Leo worries that children are unsure about the difference between a violent game and real life situations. Head shots are even a bonus in the majority of shooting games, and there are now more realistic features such as wounds, guns, and screams. ! Leo states that these games are referred to as “harmless jokes”, yet killing innocent pedestrians does not appear as a joke even though it takes place in a video game. Leo calls the shooter a “violent sociopath” instead of a hero. Cops and SWAT teams members have become more common victims in video games recently. “We have to start worrying about what we are putting into the minds of our young” states David Grossman of Arkansas State University.

I think it is most certainly a good idea to rethink what we are putting into the minds of our children in our lives. Violent video games are everywhere: in arcades, people’s homes, and community centers. They are also advertised on television and inside of retail stores. It is almost impossible to be sheltered from violence in today’s society. Leo has stated some...
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