When Does Lying Become to Much?

Topics: Suicide, English-language films, Lie Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: January 20, 2013
October 9, 2012
When does lying become too much? How do we know when to finally speak up and tell the truth? In today’s society almost everybody lies by over exaggerating things. This can affect someone in a huge way and most of the time it’s in a bad way. If someone in school spreads a rumor or lie about someone, it could then cause the person a great deal of harm. In today’s society we need to learn how to stop telling so many lies and also learn when to speak up and tell the truth. Although lying should never be the answer, we know people still choose to do it. If you’ve told a lie or know someone that has told one, you need to confess and tell the truth. Lies can cause people to get bullied, start doing drugs, harm themselves or even attempt suicide. Telling the truth is just the right thing to do. Today in America 56% of kids get bullied at school, and most of this bullying is caused from a lie. When a lie gets out of hand and it causes someone to get bullied it is necessary to tell someone the truth so it won’t lead to other things. In addition to being bullied, lies can also lead to kids using drugs. If someone tells a lie about another person, the lie could really hurt the person it’s about because it might make them really emotional. Nowadays, a lot of people use drugs to help them forget about the bad feelings they have because of the lies and rumors being told about them. It is crucial to let someone know about the lie so the person can get help because if the person keeps taking drugs it can lead to something far worse. Besides taking drugs, people may try and attempt suicide or hurt themselves because of a rumor being spread or a lie being told about them. If you ever find out about someone trying to commit suicide then it is very important that you tell someone about the situation because it then becomes a life or death situation. Even though you never meant for the lie to turn into a life or death situation, people take it...
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