When Did the Women Get the Right to Vote Dbq

Topics: Women's suffrage, Universal suffrage, Suffragette Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: May 22, 2008
By the time women began to fight for their right to vote, the majority of the people were against, on the other hand some men were, in some way, in pro, defending the woman suffrage. Women were the most interested people to get their rights, therefore, a lot of them wrote stuff to convince the people and the courts that they were able to choose people, that women also think and could have an opinion of some matter different than the breeding of sons that became free citizen and daughters that became slaves of the home.

Women were always excluded from decisions, public decisions, especially in politics and the choosing of leaders. When people did not have the right to vote, and kings were chosen by divine right, women in the nobility neither had vote or voice. After 1848 when men acquired the right to vote, was ironic that women could not vote and be treated equal, and how Julie Daubie mention in 1870 about how ironic was to call universal a suffrage that rejected the half of the humanity. (Doc 2)Women was, is, and will be human beings and deserve to be treated like that. Daubie, with the opinion pro-women suffrage, believe that women could achieve more than freedom and a liberty of speech and opinion. (POV 1) . In addition, men that had the right to vote, were the free ones, what about the person who gave them the life and the liberty itself, if women were “free”, but their opinions did not count, that makes them kind of slaves, and a “slave cannot be the mother of a free citizen”.(Doc 9) And women deserve to be treated as equal as men, and with the same rights, starting by home.

The reasons why a group of men were against women suffrage was because some of them thought that if women got the right to vote, they would actually loose power over the state. As the Count Reventlow said, that women would take over and men did not want to let them, he also addresses that the German empire “was created with blood and iron” but that could not happen if there were not...
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