When Communication Fails

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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As technology continues to advance several modes of communication have been developed that are now being used by consumers and health care providers to improve their connection and accessibility. Patients generally used the phone or a walk-in visit as the best options for talking directly to their physician. Although e-mail has been around for over a decade, health care providers are now commonly using it to communicate with their patients and vice versa. The internet provides quick and easy access to numerous types of information, and now can improve the level of quality patient-physician care outside of the office.

Communication takes place daily in our everyday lives. We communicate at work, home; groups belong to, or out in our communities. Communication is not easy and takes a great deal of work to truly understand each other (Bucher, R.D.). Culture influences how we look at problems and how we have learned to communicate. All people approach work differently when participating in groups. Culture has many different definitions, but commonly culture refers to a group of people who share common experiences. Groups that we are born into, such as gender, race, or ethnicity are examples of cultural groups. Groups that we join into as adults are also included.

According to AlliedBarton Services chief executive officer (CEO) Bill Whitmore, workplace violence starts as verbal harassment or assaults that can increase into bullying, threatening behavior, and deadly encounters. It also mentions that the key to prevent workplace violence, knows what to do when the coworker might be susceptible to do the thing (Smith,2012 pg.69).When communication fails conflicts are common.For instance at working construction in 90 degree weather can sometimes be annoying.Even in school,not communicating with the teacher could cause a student to fall behind or fail.

Studies explore implications of different ways of viewing the 'cultural' and 'communication' dimensions of...
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