When Being Jobless Is a Barrier to Finding a Job - Economic Point of View

Topics: Employment, New York City, Unemployment Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 17, 2013
When Being Jobless Is a Barrier to Finding a Job

In this article the writer Winnie Hu writes about on how hard is to find a job when one is already unemployed. A lot of companies do not take new applicants seriously as soon as they notice that the applicants have been out of work for a long period. At the interviews, potential employers ask to potential employees the question that could depend potential employees’ jobs: “How long have you been out of work?” The Obama administration is taking care of this issue. They are stating a new law that will allow failed interviews from potential employees to sue companies that are believed not to hire them because of their work status (unemployment). Over 18 states are passing this bill already, and New York State is part of those states. Mayor Bloomberg, however, doesn’t agree with this, because “ an employer has a right to consider what a person was doing before applying for a job, and that the legislation could spur numerous lawsuits by unsuccessful applicants and deter companies from hiring anyone at all”, said Bloomberg. There’s not much to worry about, since Ms. Quinn, speaker of the City Council, has enough support from the chamber to override a mayoral veto. I think the policy makes sense to this matter. Companies reading job applicants resumes, make decisions that could limit a lot of new applicants. In this recession time, everybody knows that a lot of companies closed, and had to fire employees. How could an employer limit to hire somebody, that doesn’t have a job (not for choice) due to a national situation of unemployment? This new law could actually help a lot of people not to be limited finding a new job. After all, every time a new company hires someone, the first 2-3 weeks of work are recognized as “training” time. So, it doesn’t really matter if the techniques of a “long-term” unemployed person are obsolete. If willing to learn and improve themselves. After this new regulation will be effective, I am...
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