When and Why Did the Weimar Republic Collapse?

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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When and Why did the Weimar Republic collapse?
The Weimer Republic was a government that the Germans established due to being one of terms specified by the Allies in the Treaty of Versailles. The collapse of the Weimar Republic could have been caused by many different events that occurred during that time period. The exact reasons of why it fell have been debated over by scholars and historians for many years. Some people say it was the people in power and the fact that the army still had sway in the government had caused the fall; others say the instability of the government and the Depression contributed to the collapse. These reasons will be thoroughly looked at.

Many things could have caused the collapse of the Weimar Republic on March 1933. One of the prevailing reasons as to why the collapse occurred was the fact that the Weimar Republic wasn’t stable in the first place. With the forced introduction into Germany in 1919, the concept of a democratic government was new to Germany, who has always been ruled by a Kaiser. The new system of government caused a lot of confusion and anger among the German community, and the government system was in chaos itself.

The Weimar Republic had a unique ruling system; with a chancellor and a president ruling at the same time. The power of authority was split in between these two roles, with each position usually backed up by a large coalition. The role of chancellor was only held by a person for a couple of years at most, due to the inability of the coalition government to properly make a working system that would satisfy all their needs. Another point to add on the instable government was the unique power Article 48; which gave the chancellor the right to dismiss people from the parliament. As you can see, with all these things contributing to the instable government, it is clear that it would’ve been one of the causes to the collapse of the Weimar Republic.

While many people say the Great Depression was not...
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