When Ambitions Ends Happiness Begins

Topics: Need, Want, Thought Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: February 18, 2011
When Ambitions ends Happiness begins

What is ambition? That overwhelming feeling that makes people believe that what they need is what they usually only desire. That mind – set is really more of an Angel or o a Devil, that sits on your shoulders and constantly screams – further, further? Hard to say. To my mind, ambition is not so much the desire to achieve, but the action or method of getting to that desire, without the action it is merely a dream. One can think, ambition is a fundamental skill of accumulating power and living a good life. It produces action. It makes choice possible. Ambition in other words is the motive force needed to push all of us to work towards our set cherished goals. It is the dynamic inner force that has led people from all walks of life to cleave to a new path, set a new ambition can make a person achieve things wonderful and beyond one’s natural abilities. For example, if we don't dream flying like the bird, we'll never invent the plane. If we don't want to stay in the waters for a long time, we'll never make the first submarine. If we don't want to step on the moon, we'll never create the spaceship. What a great power of ambition! Let’s see also the power of ambition to corrupt and completely alter one’s sense of reality and morality. Every person has some goals he wants to achieve. In that sense, everyone is ambitious. Problems occur when some people have set too many or too difficult goals to achieve. In that case, achieving those goals becomes their primary, if not their only concern. And then, the repercussions may be catastrophic: - Forget people!

When you are too ambitious, you try too hard to accomplish your goals, and that makes you forget people around you. In an attempt to get where you want, you start becoming distant, alienating yourself from friends, family members and neighbours. You may try to get rid of some of the guilt for acting the way you do by reassuring yourself that you will...
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