Wheelock Latin Sentences Chapter 25

Topics: Wiseman Pages: 4 (1004 words) Published: April 26, 2013
1. “Quisque,” inquit, “semper putat suas res esse magnas.” “Each person,” he says, “always thinks that his own affairs (circumstances) are important.” (The ind. state. could here be translated more lit., “considers his own affairs to be important.”)

2. Postea audivimus servos donorum causa laboravisse, ut milites fideles heri narraverant.
Afterwards we heard that the slaves had worked for the sake of gifts (benefits), as the loyal soldiers had reported (told us) yesterday. (The perf. inf. indicates an action that occurred before that of the main vb.; if the main vb. is a past tense, then the inf. must be translated as pluperf., as indicated in Wheelock, p. 165-66.) 3. Vicini nostri vim ignis magna virtute dehinc averterunt, quod laudem atque dona cupiverunt.

Our neighbors then diverted the force of the fire with great courage, because they desired praise and gifts (rewards).
4. Hoc signum periculi totam gentem nostram tanget, nisi hostem ex urbe excipere ac ab Italia pellere poterimus.
This sign of danger will touch (affect) our entire nation, unless we will be able to (unless we can) take the enemy out of (remove the enemy from) the city and drive him out of Italy.
5. Duce feroci Carthaginis expulso, spes fidesque virorum magnanimorum rem publicam continebunt.
When the fierce leader of Carthage has been expelled, the hope and faith (loyalty) of courageous men will hold the republic together.
2 TEACHER’S GUIDE and ANSWER KEY for WHEELOCK’S LATIN: Chapter 25 6. Cur iucundus Horatius culpas humanas in saturis semper ostendebat atque ridebat? Why was the pleasant Horace constantly pointing out and laughing at (ridiculing) human faults in his satires?

7. Credimus fidem antiquam omnibus gentibus iterum alendam esse. We believe that ancient faith (the trustworthiness/loyalty of earlier times) should again be fostered by all nations. (Use of the pass. periphrastic inf. was common in ind. state.) 8. Dux, ad senatum missus, imperium accepit et imperator factus...
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