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1234Melrose Street
San Diego, CA 92127
December 10, 2002

Ms. Helen Moss
Poway unified School Board Member
13626Twin Peaks Road
Poway, Ca 92064-3098

Dear Ms, Moss
I am currently a student in the Poway Unified School District, and I am writing to you regarding the recent ban on soda sales in Los Angeles Unified School District. I am concerned that the Poway Unified School District will attempt to do the same, and in doing so, will be making a grave mistake .There are many reasons not to ban soda sales.

Our schools desperately need the money brought in by soda sales. If we sacrifice such profits, we will have greater difficulty supporting the events they fund. Furthermore, the ban might not even work ,since banning soda is not enough to combat the problem of childhood obesity. Students should adopt healthier lifestyles, not use quick –solutions diets. In additions, it would be hypocritical to refuse to sell sodas but still offer foods like pizza, French fries , and doughnuts. Schools instead should better educate students on how to make healthy choices on their own.

As you can see, banning the sale of sodas on high school campuses would be an inadequate solution for teen health problems. I have enclosed an essay on this topic that gives evidence to support my claim please read my essay, and when you receive the chance to vote on whether to enforce a soda ban, please vote against it

Sincerely yours,
Sean Kosmo

cc; Mr. Lopez, Poway Unified School Board member
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