Whatsamattu University

Grading (education)

Complete Problem 1
After analyzing the data of 200 MBA students at Whatsamattu University, the following information is apparent. 70 students have a Leadership major, which makes up 35% of the population. Leadership is the most common major among MBA students. 55 students have a Finance major, which makes up 27.5% of the population. Finance is the second most common among MBA students. 50 students have no major, which makes up 25%, or one-fourth, of the population. The lack of a major is the third most common among the MBA students. 25 students have a Marketing major, which makes up 12.5% of the population. Marketing is the fourth and least common major of MBA students. Of the 70 students with a Leadership major, 54 of them are employed full-time. 9 are employed part-time. 5 are not employed. 77.1% of the Leadership majors are employed full-time. 40 of the 70 are males, making up 57.1% of these majors. 30 of the 70 are females, making up 42.9% of these majors. Of the 55 students with a Finance major, 34 are employed full-time. 14 are employed part-time. 7 are unemployed. 61.8% of Finance majors are employed full-time. 30 are males, making up 54.5% of these students. 25 are females, making up 55.5% of these students. Of the 50 MBA students with no major, 27 are employed full-time, making up 54% of these students. 15 are employed part-time, making up 30% of these students. 8 are unemployed, making up 16% of these students. 15 students without a major are males, making up 30% of these students. 35 are females, making up 70% of students without a major. There are twice as many students without a major than there are with a Marketing major. Of the 25 students with a Marketing major, 15 of them, or 60%, are employed full-time. 7 of them, or 28%, are employed part-time. 3 students, or 12% of the Marketing students, are unemployed. 15 of these students are males, making up 60%. 10 are females, making up 40%. Complete Problem 2

After creating and analyzing the...
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